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Holistic design: What is Umbrella UX/UI?

By Verónica Pilar Jordan

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In this article, I will discuss an integral concept in creating digital products known as "Umbrella UX/UI". This term combines two key elements: User Experience (UX) and User Interface Project (UI). The "Umbrella UX/UI" approach allows designers to create digital products that are not only visually attractive, but also intuitive and satisfying for users. I invite you to continue if you want to know more about this approach and how it can improve the quality of your digital products.


La UX Strategy or user experience strategy, refers to the set of plans and actions designed to improve user experience in a product or service, by identifying the needs and expectations of the user, and developing user-centric solutions. This type of user-centered approach can help improve user experience and increase loyalty and commitment to the application.

  • An example: it could be the design of a game application that suits the player's personality and preferences. In this way, they could use artificial intelligence algorithms to identify user tastes and preferences, and offer games and activities that fit your profile. So if a user prefers strategy games, the application could offer game options that fit this profile, while if another user prefers action games, the application could offer more exciting and dynamic options.

El Salvador User Research, or user survey, refers to the process of collecting and analyzing data about users of a product or service, to understand their needs, behaviors and motivations. This information is used to improve the user experience and design solutions that meet your needs. This user-centric approach can help ensure that the app is successful and has a loyal and committed user base.

  • One example: it could be the design of an application of dog quotes. In this case, user research will be aimed at better understanding the needs and preferences of dog owners and how they would like to find couples for their pets.

Business Analyst in UX refers to the business analyst working closely with the UX team to identify the needs and requirements of the business, and ensure that UX solutions are aligned with the company's goals. The approach of Business Analyst in UX would ensure that UX solutions are aligned with the business goals and help fulfill the company's KPIs and goals.

  • One example: it could be the design of a site from a candy store. In this case, the business analyst could work with the UX team to identify the company's goals, such as increasing sales and customer loyalty. From there, the UX team could design user-centric solutions to improve the experience.

Information Architecture in UX refers to the process of organizing, structuring and labeling the information of a product or service so that it is easy to understand and navigate to the user. This includes creating site maps, content organization and hierarchical information. In addition, applying a clear and consistent structure can also help build brand and application reputation, making it a reliable and easy-to-use feature.

  • One example: it could be the design of a kitchen recipe application. In this case, the information architecture should help users easily find and access the recipes they are looking for. One can use a structure with categories such as breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. In addition, labels and keywords can be used to facilitate the search and filtering of recipes such as "vegetarian", "without gluten" or "fast and easy".


Visual Design in UI It comprises drawing the visual appearance of a digital product or service, includes the use of colors, typography, images and other visual elements that create an attractive and cohesive experience for the user.

  • One example: it could be the design of a children's games application. In this case, visual design would be fundamental to create an attractive and exciting experience for children, and to differentiate the application of other games available on the market. One can use a bright and attractive color palette, with characters and cartoons of lively and fun animals, and fun and easy to read lyrics sources. In addition, Visual Design can also be used to create a clear and easy-to-understand visual hierarchy in the interface, so that children can understand how to play and advance in the game.

Content Strategy in UI It refers to planning and creating content for a user interface, with views that content is relevant, attractive and useful to users. It can also be used to create a coherent voice and tone for the entire site, which reflects the personality and brand of the site.

  • An example: the design of a travel site. In this case, the content strategy would be critical to ensuring that the site provides the user with the information you need to successfully plan your trip. You can include information about the best places to camp, eat and sleep in each city, as well as advice on how to save money while travelling.

Interaction Design in UI It comprises the design of how users interact with a user interface, including how they move around it and how to communicate with it. A solid interaction design could also help build the brand and reputation of the application.

  • An example: returning to the design of a recipe application. A user interface that allows users to navigate through the different categories of recipes, such as "postres", "main plaques" or "assayed", using a system of pages or horizontal displacement. In addition, visual elements can be used as food icons and photographs to make the application more attractive visually and to help users identify the different sections of the application.

Frontend Development in UI is the encoding of the user interface, i.e. the creation of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code to create a functional and attractive user interface. a solid frontend development could also help build the brand and reputation of the product.

  • An example: in the development of an online game. The frontend developer would be responsible for creating the game user interface, including the home screen, options menus and game interfaces. With a well-designed and encoded frontend, the online game can be exciting and easy to use for users.

In short, the “Umbrella UX/UI” approach is a key strategy to incorporate by companies seeking to improve their user experience and stay competitive on the online market.

By addressing all aspects of user experience, from strategy to implementation, companies can improve user satisfaction and favor increased revenues as well as their commercial success.

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Verónica Pilar Jordan

Hi, I'm Dr. Jordan Verónica, I specialize in IT Law and UX Design. In 2016 I graduated in Law at the National University of La Matanza, later in 2018 I performed the Master in Strategic Intelligence at the University of La Plata, where I directed my thesis to the prospective analysis of the development of the interaction between artificial intelligence and the user, in the development of digital products and services in Latin America.
This experience combined with my taste from a small one for robotics and automatic learning systems, made me turn my vocation to product development and train in 2019 at the University of San Andrés in the Communications Law and Technology Program (DITC).
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