anabelia marrapodi


anabelia marrapodi


Hello! My name is Anabelia, I am graduated from the Private Institute A-117 “Industrial Luis. A Huergo” with the title of Master of Works, I continued my training as an architect at the University of Bs As (FADU), and from there I was forging myself with different artistic and technical disciplines. My profession guided her by providing services for people with disabilities.
Mix of ridicule, social consciousness, professionalism, curiosity, responsibility, demand, thousands of contradictions and countless so on.
Accessibility Specialist – Consulting inclusive spaces
Specialist in Constructive Pathologies
Assistant Perito de la Justicia del Poder Judicial de la Nación
Computer and Budget Teacher
Livingston Method Training – Family Architects

Arquitecta de profesión – Actriz de oficio
Companion – Sister – Daughter - Aunt (the best of titles)
Curious and apprentice of almost everything
I acted, sang, mosaiquié... also wrote

Welcome to my world

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