jorge santa cruz


jorge santa cruz


Hello, my name is Jorge Santa Cruz, I am an independent Mexican journalist, university professor and communication consultant. I started my journalism career in 1981 and my teaching career in 1991.
I have witnessed how my country passed from the rule of the single party to the empowerment of right and left parties; also, how it moved from the government-controlled economy to the market economy. Currently, the Mexican government intends to return to the socialist economic model.
As a journalist, I have seen how the rule of law in Mexico has been weakened for the benefit of organized crime.
At the international level, I have shared information and analysis about, for example, the Chernobyl tragedy, the fall of the Berlin wall, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the neoliberal empowerment, the two wars in Iraq, the two recent wars in Afghanistan and the emergence of multipolarity.
I have the vocation to deepen the meanings of the news so that those who have to read me can, at a given time, broaden their points of reference.

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