Rocio Monjes

Rocio Monjes


Estudiante de lic. en Ciencias Físicas

Greetings! I am Rocío, born in Buenos Aires, although I have lived in different places, at present, I consider myself from Santa Cruz, since that is where my family lives. My academic background includes studies in an aeronautical institute, where I participated in science clubs and other schools in which I reached national instances of the Physics, Chemistry and History Olympiads. These experiences inspired me to explore new places and meet amazing people.
Currently, I am immersed in a Bachelor's Degree in Physics at UBA. I lead a social media project focused on personal growth and manage a group where I share weekly opportunities for free scholarships, courses and training workshops. Also as a private math and physics tutor, I have the opportunity to offer a creative approach to learning, encouraging innovation in teaching.
When I'm not studying (or sleeping), I enjoy playing field hockey or rock climbing. Ironically, I combat my fear of heights through sport. I am passionate about learning fun facts about the universe and scientific discoveries in neuroscience. I firmly believe that life offers us tools to evolve, as if we were Pokémon, and my goal is to acquire as many skills as possible.

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